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CzechRelocate has been providing immigration services to its clients for over 18 years. It is formed by specialists who gained their experience within multinational consulting companies. Our specialists have deep knowledge of Czech immigration legislation as well as of EU regulations. Building on our experience, strong legal background and familiarity with the state administration environment, we are fully committed to provision of high-quality services to Expatriates from all over the world.


The process of establishing legal status of a foreign employee in the Czech Republic can be time consuming and quiet often frustrating. CzechRelocate believes that foreign employees coming to the Czech Republic should spend minimum amount of their own valuable time on administrative burden of the Czech immigration processes. The services CzechRelocate provides ensure that Expatriates can concentrate on their core business without worrying about the processes. CzechRelocate endeavors to make this process as smooth and quick as possible.
For each employer it is of a paramount importance that its staff has the correct legal status in any country they work in and that the legalization of every individual’s stay is smooth, quick and responsive

We have learned that the immigration processes and practice of the Czech government authorities can change rapidly from time to time. Only a professional provider fully dedicated to comprehensive immigration services can keep the pace with the most recent development. CzechRelocate takes great proud for its in-depth understanding of all changes in respective legislation as well for its sense for discrepancies in the requirements of local authorities. These tiny differences might seem negligible but may affect the legalization process dramatically if not properly reflected.

CzechRelocate can manage the process of obtaining work permits and residency visas for non-EU nationals as well as residence permits for EU nationals. We will ensure that all requirements are met and processed speedily and that all related documentation is kept up to date. In addition CzechRelocate will monitor the visa expiry dates and ensure that the renewal process would be started in a timely manner, in order for the renewal application to be accepted by the Czech authorities within the legal deadline.